Matt McCrossen

The experienced Internet MarketerCommunications ExpertBusiness Consultant


Exceptionally successful visionary professional always focused on the future…
Matt is a self-made, hard-working and driven man. His entrepreneurial experience is well known and sought out by clients and peers. Matt’s professional experience as a Certified Internet Marketer is marked by years of highly successful projects, over 90% retention rate, and industry awards. His success as a consultant, contract CMO and contract CTO have directly, and positively impacted the San Antonio economy via the expansion of all his clients’’ enterprises!

Personal qualities

Visionary, Strategic, Determined, Achiever


Matt explores the virtually limitless opportunities in his industry via research, testing, and creative implementation in his projects.


Matt focuses on long-term outcomes in a flexible manner while redeploying appropriate resources in projects requiring quick change in response to the frequent changes in his industry.


Matt commits! He brings a tenacity and energy to see things through, and ability to shift that energy when opportunities are presented.


Matt’s professional life is a timeline of achievement and accomplishment year-over-year. He surrounds himself with mentors, peers and enablers who bring each-other up!

Professional Life

Developing each opportunity to its fullest with the help of mentors, peers and partners

From soldier to successful entrepreneur!

  • Aug 2000 - Apr 2011

    United States Army, World Wide

    Military Intelligence
  • Sep 2009 - Sep 2011

    St Mary's University, San Antonio

    BBA Applied Management, Cum Luade
  • Dec 2010 - May 2013

    Moxi LLC, San Antonio

    Startup CEO
  • Sep 2012 - ...

    McCrossen Consulting, San Antonio