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Matt Helotes EDC Meeting

Last night I was I was caught off guard. I didn’t think as a board member on the Helotes Economic Development Corporation I would find myself discussing a topic such as the one I’ll discuss here.

I’m relatively new to the HEDC and so when it comes to the relationships, the social circles and small-town politics I’m naive. However, when it comes to business, common sense and political optics, I’d like to think I’m on par with my peers.

I honestly am still trying to figure out what the Mayor brought to the HEDC as an agenda item. I thought anything coming before the board from him would be sanctioned by council. My logic here is that as I understand our corporate documents, there are many decisions the HEDC needs an approval by council to carry forth. This whole issue of kicking out the Helotes Chamber of Commerce from our EDC office very much threw me.

My commentary starts at 1:19:53, the agenda item actually starts at 1:08:15. I’m sorry I wasn’t eloquent. I just was, and still am dumbfounded why this was even an agenda item. Well actually no, I’m not dumbfounded, I’m pissed at the ridiculousness of the matter.

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