Data at the Core of Internet Marketing Decisions

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Internet Marketing: Cars, Data & Decisions One of the core principles my agency operates by is to shoot from the hip only when data is unavailable or economically impractical to analyze. Thankfully as an Internet marketing agency we have access to near real-time volumes of data to analyze on our clients’ accounts. In this article …


Internet Marketing Association, Curalate – The State of Visual Commerce Synthesized for San Antonio

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The State of Visual Commerce Synthesized for San Antonio In this article I’ll discuss the results of a recent marketing study’s results as they apply to San Antonio, and provide a few examples of how I overcome the study’s challenges. What is important about The State of Visual Commerce? My new friends at Curalate commissioned …


Internet Marketing ROI

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Is it possible to determine ROI from Internet marketing projects? Hell yes it is! This question is a kin to “Is it important to be optimized for search?” The one caveat I have is, keep is simple. In fact you can use my acronym KISS; Keep it Strategically Simple. My spin on KISS is very …